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I like it I like that - Salsa Dura on Vinyl

We started with a simple urge for exploring salsa music; find out how djs narrate outside the UK & bring them to the UK – aspiring to be a window to the salsa scene worldwide.
A simple ‘spin’ that concentrates on Djs, outside and inside the UK playing on the timeless, quality sound of vinyl; celebrating their collections, music knowledge, flavour and experience.
Our first priority is the marriage of a good experienced Dj with a good sound system, so what we love the most – music, is expressed at its best. Adding to that an extra musical layer of live percussion, we strive to provide ‘Premium Salsa Quality’ to the dancers and music enthusiasts who join our parties.  
Finally, we aim to set high standards in what we believe makes an enjoyable and relaxed party,
– a good spacious venue with the best possible mix of amenities to accommodate participators combined with a relaxed atmosphere for people to dance, enjoy music and connect with each other. 
Join us and join the groove!     

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Vinyl Matinee

Vinyl Matinee equals beautiful salsa in the afternoon by a host of djs for your dancing and listening pleasure. A relaxed but musically rich afternoon of salsa dura, guaguanco, son montuno, cha-cha, descargas, guaracha y pachangas by a beautifully diverse and talented group of djs and record collectors who will play in rotation to keep flavour ‘rich and spicy’.

More international and national talent visiting the ILILT decks, we are also ‘re-visiting the classics’ by bringing awesome talent from our previous I LIKE IT LIKE THAT parties that we long to hear again, as well as new talent from around the world.

Sugar - SALSA & BACHATA by the finest DJs

SUGAR continues on I LIKE IT LIKE THAT’s tradition on bringing the highest quality of Salsa music, this time with an added generous dose of sweet bachata, while allowing DJs who work only on the digital format, international and national, to also share their talent and flavour to the I LIKE IT LIKE THAT dancefloor.

SUGAR promises to keep music sweet, addictive, but good for you 🙂

2 DJs per party for over 4 hours of musical bliss and our favourite live conga always in support.

Opening class by international and national artists and showcases by upcoming and established talent. 

Sweet treats throughout the night to keep your energy levels high with the sugar rush is guaranteed, coming from the artists straight to your heart & dancing feet. 

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