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World Stars Salsa Festival 2024

Dear Friends,
🔥🔥🔥It is time to announce our next year festival! 🔥🔥🔥
*Dates: 26-30 April 2024
Place: Hotel Maritim Paradise Blue 5– Albena Resort

4 unforgettable days, enriched with lots of emotions, glamorous show
programmes, hot parties till dawn, special classes, live concerts, trips
and many pleasant surprises.

4 days non stop parties and entertainment!
Become a part of the experience!
Because…this doesn’t happen every day!

🤩🤩🤩No need to say a lot! Just see what awaits you!!! 🤩🤩🤩

██▓▒░░🟢🎼COMPETITION🎼🟢▒░▒▓██ :
►SALSANAMA by Fernando Sosa

██▓▒░░🟢🎼CONCERT🎼🟢▒░▒▓██ :
►SALSA – Calle Vapor (Argentina) / First time in Europe!!!
►BACHATA – Dustin Richie (Cuba

██▓▒░🟢⭐SALSA⭐🟢░▒▓██ :
► Ernesto & Denisse (USA)
► Karel Flores (USA)
► Bersy Cortez (Spain)
► Terry & Cecile (France)
► Antonio & Jasmina (Italy)
► Fadi (Spain)
► Yoyo Flow (Cuba)
► Dimitris & Yolena (Greece)
► Alex Toledo (Spain)
► Carlito & Victoria (Venezuela)

██▓▒░🟢🎧SALSA DJS 🎧 🟢░▒▓██ :
►Dj Willy The Viper (France)
►Dj Fabrizio Zoro (Italy)
►Dj Rumbero (Peru)
►Dj Dmitri (Jordan/Germany)
►Dj Sabha (Dubai)
►Dj Crazy Joe (Dubai)
►Dj Romy (Romania)

██▓▒░🔴⭐BACHATA⭐🔴░▒▓██ :
► Ataca (USA)
► Gero & Migle (Spain)
► Antoni & Belen (Spain)
► Simone & Danila (Italy)
► Judit & Toni (Spain)
► Farid (France)
more coming soon…

██▓▒░🔴🎧BACHATA DJS 🎧🔴░▒▓██ :
►Dj Khalid (Sweden)
►Dj York (Germany)
►Dj David Pedron (France)
►Dj Boris (Bulgaria)

██▓▒░🟣⭐KIZOMBA⭐🟣░▒▓██ :
► Azzedine (France)
► Dwe & Gaby (Netherlands)
► Val’R (France)
► Sandra Gutierrez (Spain)
more coming soon…

██▓▒░🟣🎧 KIZOMBA DJS 🎧🟣░▒▓██ :
►Dj David Ruela (Netherlands)
►Dj FoFo-Jah (Canada)
►Dj Ducu (Romania)
►Dj Pzl (Bulgaria)

██▓▒░░🎤 M.C.🎤▒░▒▓██ :
►Farid Ferchach (France)
►Dj York

██▓▒░░ PRICES ▒░▒▓██ :

██▓▒░░ 🚌TRANSFER🚌▒░▒▓██ :

██▓▒░░ SPONSORS▒░▒▓██ :
►Albena Resort, Bulgaria

Come and Live Your Legend!
HQ Festival for HQ People!