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Perfectly Mambo Geneva weekend 2024​


**Mambo Weekend in Geneva**
Celebrate the rhythm of Mambo from August 30 to September 1.

**Live Salsa Concert**
Kick off the event with a live performance at Bains des Paquis.

**Non-stop Dancing**
Parties lasting until 5 am across the weekend.

**International Flair**
DJs and dancers from around the globe.

**Daytime Socials**
Enjoy social gatherings on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

**Spacious Venue**
Over 600 square meters to dance and mingle.

**Convenient Amenities**
Ample parking and free wifi available.

**Swiss Beauty**
Explore Geneva’s scenic views and attractions during your stay.

**Affordability Focus**
Efforts to provide cost-effective options for lodging and dining.

**Travel Made Easy**
Accessible deals on flights to Geneva via EasyJet.