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Live 2 Mambo Budapest 2024

Your 100% Mambo event, at the heart of Budapest, at one of the finest hotels in Europe. The venue, the music, the best dancers, we can’t wait to live this atmosphere again 💫✨💖

To maintain the quality of the event and avoid over crowds, only Full Passes and All Parties Passes will be available for sale.. there will be NO single party passes or individual workshop passes. So book your pass as soon as you can 😊

Artists Lineup:
Adolfo & Tania
Alegria Dance Company
Talal & Edyta
Samuel & Lisa
Mouaze Konate
Katrin Lerner
Falco & Leti
Sol and Mauro
Marco Faravelli
Eloy Rojas
Irene Palomares
John and Kelly
Natasha Chuma
Mambo Family Madrid
Nicolas Salvador

DJ Lineup:
DJ Dmitri
DJ Rumbero
DJ Sabha
DJ Cycy
DJ Anael
DJ Evita

Social Dance TV
StarMambo Videos
George Bufan Photography
Olya Staroshchuk

From Budapest, with Love
The Dance House