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British Salsa Marathon 2024

Our 3rd Edition is now open!
You know what we’re about: Great music, great venue, great food and YOU.
The BSM line-up brings DJ’s who play from their souls. These guys work hard
to bring you amazing music that they’ve devoted hours to finding. These
guys no doubt will have you feeling the music:
DJ Rupert (UK)
DJ Sassia (UK)
DJ Vincent (France)
DJ Loïc (France)
DJ Luís (Switzerland)
DJ Tony Salsacolección (Spain)
Our venue: Beautifully restored, The Old Library, Digbeth, Birmingham, B9
Food is of course included. Specially selected local vendors showcase their
star dishes. Snacks and refreshments are there when you need them to keep
you hydrated and ready for the dancefloor.
What makes BSM memorable is the dancers that come together.
See you there!

BSM is us.