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A Gozar Arachova Salsa Bachata Meeting

💎 A Gozar Arachova SBK is back 💎
After two years of covid restrictions, we are pleased to announce the 3rd version of our beloved event at the most outstanding Greek winter destination🌲
Check out our starting Line-up, book your Full Pass at the initial price of 80€ and get ready for a unique experience of high quality workshops, crazy socials till morning, stunning shows and unforgettable moments ✨
 ** PLACE **
Arachova is one of the most popular winter destinations in Greece .Its only 160km away from Athens and it’s famous for the ski resorts and for the amazing and breathtaking snowy landscapes! It’s also important to mention that Arachova is known for the delicious local cuisine ,restaurants and taverns !
 ** ARTISTS **
– Marco Ferrigno and Ansima Ballet 🇮🇹
– Terry and Cecile 🇫🇷
– Bersy Cortez 🇻🇪
– Kike and Nahir 🇪🇸
– Panagiotis and Myrto 🇬🇷
– Dimitris and Yolena 🇬🇷
– Fabrizio and Giuly 🇮🇹
– George and Elena 🇬🇷
– Doogalooers 🇬🇷
– Stella 🇬🇷
– Nera and Yerko 🇭🇷
– Chrisa Dami 🇬🇷
– Nikitas and Lydia 🇬🇷
– Selin and Mehmet 🇹🇷
– John and Kelly 🇬🇷
– Konstantinos and Natalia 🇬🇷
– Stavros and Kathrine 🇬🇷
 ** DJs **

– Mauri 🇨🇱
– Oj 🇰🇼/🇪🇬
– George 🇬🇷
– Juan Antonio 🇳🇮
– Neri 🇬🇷
– GkiGki 🇬🇷


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