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Chocolate Mambo Marathon 2023

– International 100% Salsa mambo Event –
Let’s make this year even sweeter!
Do you have a passion for Mambo and Chocolate?
Join us at the Chocolate Mambo Marathon in 2023!
Small is beautiful!
We like to keep our marathon small and friendly.
Be a piece of it, before we run out of space;
3 Days Of Dancing
Our DJs are in action day and night.
The focus of the event is on social dancing.
We strive for a balanced number of leaders and followers.
Old School Salsa
At Its Best
We will fly in top DJs from all over Europe to bring you the finest music.
Besides Old School Salsa there’s enough Cha-Cha-Cha and
Boogaloo to groove and enjoy.
A Unique Location
At the MusicContainer, you will find a unique ambience,
a large dance floor, a cosy lounge with bar and a professional music system.
The adjacent foyer is the ideal place to eat, relax and chat
– you are always right in the middle of the action.
Outside in the open air, cosy relaxation zones are waiting for you.
Crazy Skilled DJ’s
Only the best and nicest DJ’s for you.
With their excellent taste in music,
the international lineup will put a smile on your face mid-dancing.
*** DJ LINEUP ***
✅ DJ Patrick El Clásico – Geneva, Switzerland
✅ DJ Tuli – United Kingdom
✅ DJ Morena – Ljubljana Slovenia
✅ Dj Tony – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Spain
✅ DJ La Pasión – Darmstadt, Germany
✅ Mamborado – Prague, Czech Republic
✅ MimoMusic – Zurich, Switzerland
*** VENUE ***
MusikContainer Uster
Asylstrasse 10
8610 Uster
Hotel illuster
Zurichstrasse 14
8610 Uster
Hotel Residence Loren
Loren-Weg 29
8610 Uster


T +41 44 943 60 60
Hotel Tilia Uster
Bahnstrasse 17
8610 Uster
Residence @ Home
For guests from abroad with limited budget, we try to arrange private sleeping places. Write us a mail with your profile, in which you introduce yourself briefly. The “Hosts” will contact you.
The offer is limited: first-come, first-served.


Chocolate Mambo Marathon
Verein Salsa On2 Happenings
Alpenblickstrasse 24
8610 Uster
+41 79 200 92 77

 *** EVENT VENUE ***

MusikContainer Uster
Asylstrasse 10
8610 Uster